Google Ads is the advertising agency of the search engine Google. It makes it possible to carry out advertising campaigns via a system of advertisements and to display these advertisements in the results of the search engines according to the key words typed by the Net surfers.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads has quickly established itself as the first to meet the needs of businesses. Indeed, when the first sites were created in the 1990s, it was not easy to attract prospects on the Internet.

For many, being present on the web was an end in itself, but the question soon arose as to the value of putting a shop online if no one could find it.

Created in 2003, Google’s Ads system offers the possibility to manage its campaigns in real time with ultra-precise targeting and for a controlled budget.

Targeting according to needs, over time, in a precise geographical space, according to a specific language, by type of device or a clearly identified market segment.

Ads is the most widely used sponsored link campaign launch programme in the world by advertisers.

How does Google Ads work?

When an advertiser decides to set up a paid referencing campaign, it must opt for a particular approach:

  • Buying keywords, at a price that is set according to supply and demand
  • Create ads, which will then be placed on the results pages of the chosen search engines and their partners.
  • Pay when the ad is clicked: this is the concept of CPC, Cost per Click, the advertiser pays only if the internet user clicks on his ad.

The price per word varies greatly depending on the number of advertisers interested in that word or group of words. It can range from a few cents for example for the word “shotgun” to around 40 euros for the word “insurance”. The more offers there are for a given word, the more expensive it is.

The purchase of keywords is therefore done through a system of permanent auctions.

Also called commercial links, promotional links or sponsored links, the results of the SEM appear above or below the natural results.

Google and its Ads platform take of course the largest share of the search engine market.

There is a fierce competition on the search engine which, and this is the principle of the auction, makes the prices of most queries sometimes very high.

Some very competitive words can reach reasonable Cost per click (especially in the insurance market with CPCs above 20€).

The solution is to check on the two other search engines offering their sponsored links platform: Microsoft’s Bing Ads, allowing to broadcast on both Bing and Yahoo, even if it is true that their respective market share does not allow to have the same volumes in terms of traffic.

What are the objectives of launching a Google Ads campaign?

The objectives of launching a paid search engine optimization campaign for a website are multiple:

  • Increase notoriety, i.e. be more visible on the web and thus increase the traffic generated by search engines. It is therefore necessary to be present at the top of the list on these search engines and to be present on the keywords most frequently typed by Internet users.
  • Increase the number of qualified contacts, i.e. increase the transformation rate. The objective is therefore to increase sales and generate more turnover via the internet. In this case, the advertiser’s task will be to focus on the purchase of more precise keywords, perhaps offering less visibility but more transformation.
  • Strengthen the transmedia presence, i.e. increase its general visibility by using the internet as a complement to traditional media (TV, press, radio…). In this case, Internet users will first and foremost search for the advertiser’s name and/or brand on search engines. It will therefore be necessary to position oneself on the name of the brand and products in terms of keywords in order to be easily found by these Internet users.
  • Communicate around a specific event, such as the launch of a new product, an exceptional promotion or even a crisis. In these cases, the advertiser cannot afford the long and highly variable deadlines of an SEO campaign.

The advantage of an advertising campaign via SEM is mainly the speed of its implementation. (below is an example of an online campaign).

Why is the MES an essential tool?

The SEM, once well exploited, appears to be an essential tool for :

  • A manager or employee of a VSE/SME
  • An IT manager, in charge of the website, who sees the Internet and SEM as an opportunity for the company.
  • A manager of an already physically existing shop who is looking for new distribution channels to reach another audience 
  • A business creator looking to make a name for himself
  • A manager of an online shop wishing to generate traffic and make sales
  • A creator of a brand or product to be discovered by the general public
  • A webmaster of a site that wishes to recruit members, subscribers and prospectsVisibility on the Internet, whether for a showcase or merchant site, therefore has a considerable influence on sales.

What are the strong points of Google Ads?

The ability to perform a precise targeting thanks to keywords: language, geographical location, centers of interest…

The ability to create and distribute a campaign according to one’s budget, be it small or large.

The possibility of invoicing to CPC or CPM according to its objectives (Cost per click or Cost per print),

Don’t hesitate to call on the advice of a web optimization agency to advise you or supervise your Adwords campaigns.

Here are some figures:

  • 89% of French people use Google and type their queries on the search engine.
  • Google responds to more than 2,000 billion queries a year
  • 3.3 billion requests are made every day (100 billion per month).
  • 15% of the requests are new requests (500 million per day)!
  • 30 000 €, total daily cost of the keyword hotel, 17 600 € for the word travel,