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Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing allows the company to naturally attract its prospects or customers by delivering information or content useful to generate traffic and qualified contacts.

In concrete terms, the objective is to align the work of your marketing teams with that of your sales staff. Inbound marketing will enable you to engage and maintain a conversation with your prospects upstream while they are in the maturing phase. In this way, the contacts that are handled by the sales force are pre-qualified leads. The chances of closing the sale are therefore much higher. The efficiency of the teams is increased and the company’s results are significantly accelerated.

Inbound marketing is not limited to the company’s website. It consists of a complete range of content that can be used by the sales force during the negotiation phases. The implementation of the strategy will gain in efficiency if it is coupled with the implementation of a marketing automation tool.


Why choose CMS Marketer as your inbound marketing agency?

For your inbound marketing strategy to be efficient, it must be understood and adopted by marketing, sales and management teams. It is the involvement of each of you that will allow us to understand your customers’ needs and set consistent goals. Our teams are in perpetual training to offer you the best digital and marketing solutions. We listen to you and explain what we do and the results of our actions.

Working with us is to be sure to understand what your marketing actions pay off!

Initial brief

Who are your customers, what are you already doing to attract them, what are your goals?

To determine that, we will:

  • Analyze the context in which your company evolves and make a competitive benchmark to know where your competitors are with inbound marketing.
  • make an inventory of the content that you already have available and that could be used.
  • precisely define your people in order to design content that will really interest them.
  • set numerical targets for the results you wish to achieve.

Inbound Marketing Agency¬†More visibility, notoriety, visits, calls, baskets, sales…yes, but how much?

Lead Nurturing

How to create interesting content? When to send them?

The creation of personae allows two things:

  • Define the buyer journey (i.e. the user’s behaviour between the requirement discovery phase and the purchase phase),
  • Define the editorial line of the contents to be sent to it.

Inbound Marketing Agency

With the collaboration of your teams, we will define a process to maintain the conversation with your prospects. During this process, they will be nourished by specific content to which they will be more easily receptive.

Based on their reactions, you will give them a score that will measure their degree of maturity in the buying process. This is called scoring.

The objective is to help the prospect on his buying journey, and if he is not a decision-maker, to give him some marbles to convince those who will make the decision.

Lead Generation
How do you engage your prospects and customers in conversation?
The deployment of the inound strategy should enable you to generate qualified leads and maintain your relationship with your customer database. To achieve this, we will :

  • Position points of contact and information collection on your site according to the agile web design method.
  • Design campaigns on your social networks,
  • Deploy hyper-targeted emailing campaigns,
  • Design events to engage them.

Create interest in bringing the customer to you.

How to plan actions and act at the right time?

If you do not have one, CMS Marketer can accompany you in the implementation of a CRM that will allow you to collect and centralize your customer data.

Independently of that, to facilitate the management of your leads, we can help you to choose the marketing automation solution that suits you best.

Thanks to this platform you will be able for example to

  • know the hot prospects that need urgent attention,
  • manage your content uploads,
  • automate certain actions to relieve your sales,
  • Personalize your users’ experience on your site.

Inbound Marketing Agency ROI Measurement
How do I see if it works?
Based on the objectives established during the initial brief, we will establish a dashboard that will allow us to measure the impact of the Inbound marketing actions. With the help of the teams and the data collected. We will make the necessary adjustments by applying the test and evaluation process.